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How to make an impact in your community

For students: Do you want to create something that you care about using code or A.I.? Follow the lessons and toolkit to learn how to define a problem, understand those affected, design an app, work together on a team, and get your idea into the world

For educators: Mix-and-match the curriculum lessons and computational toolkit to work with any C.S. or A.I. program or lesson -- all available free


Kids of all ages can make a real impact in the lives of others in their communities and in the world. It's not just about learning about technology -- it's also about a framework for learning how to make a lasting impact with a project. 

The materials on this site was developed by Nicole Pang, Cynthia Breazeal, and Hal Abelson at MIT (Personal Robots Group, App Inventor Group). It's a resource free for all to use, and it is a crucial resource for MIT RAISE (Responsible A.I. for Social Empowerment and Education). The work is inspired by and extends important foundational work created by Michael Tissenbaum, Josh Sheldon, and Hal Abelson (2019).

Heart Shape


Empowering students to use A.I. and technology for social impact


Check out some student projects, a part of MIT Futuremakers 2021 program, that use computational action tools to make an impact in communities

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